The Creation

An idea precedes every creation process. Everything flows from that initial concept. Do you feel curious to know what happens next? Do you know what goes on behind a fashion shoot?

We present the before, during, and after of one of our photoshoots dedicated to our iconic Court and Meteoro sneakers. We invite you to discover our vision of creation.

The Unseen

What no one sees. A whirlwind of people rushing around. Creating and preparing what is to come. Everything happens in a short amount of time. Focused makeup artists and stylists, lighting tests, and the photography and art direction team setting the pace. The shoot is about to begin. Everything is ready.

The Shoot!

Acting. Flashing lights. Poses, changing outfits, and starting again. Murmurs in the backstage as a soundtrack, and the photography team living the great moment. The challenge is exciting. Models conversing with the camera: directed postures, spontaneous instructions, and self-expression. Neither the story, nor the context, nor the set are left to chance. A shoot is an experimental process in which to unleash creativity.

The Editing

After the photo shoot. Color filters, textures, retouching, lights, and framing... The creative editing process behind a fashion shoot allows us to bring you our limitless universe. Design trends and our post-production team play with the photos and give free rein to their imagination.

The Editorial

What you see. Our editorials visually express everything we want to tell you. It is the space where our sneakers, glasses, clothing, and accessories converse with you. They represent our vision of fashion and trends. It is our way of telling stories. Stories like this.